Food Ordering & Kitchen Printing


Powerful. Reliable. Easy to Use.

DiamondScan POS is a complete point of sale software suite.  The back office provides you with powerful tools to run your business while simultaneously being easy to use.

Food Ordering

DiamondScan Food Ordering allows you to quickly and accurately send food orders to a kitchen printer. Food Ordering ensures you will get your customers' orders correct. Reducing waste and ensuring accurate pricing every time increases your bottom line.

Here are some of the features in the DiamondScan Food Ordering Software:

Easy to Use Touch Screen Buttons: Minimal touches necessary to order an item makes tending to customers quick and easy and training for cashiers minimal.

Suspend / Recall: Suspend an order and be able to recall that order at any time from any register. No need to re-enter the customer's order to tender the sale.

Unlimited Modifier Sets: Whether you need a few modifier sets or many, DiamondScan Food Ordering can accommodate. Fully customizable to maximize your work flow.


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