Integrated Fuel Management


Powerful. Reliable. Easy to Use.

DiamondScan POS is a complete point of sale software suite.  The back office provides you with powerful tools to run your business while simultaneously being easy to use.

An easy to use interface that allows you to better manage your business

DiamondScan Fuel Management is a true software solution to manage your gas pumps. DiamondScan Fuel Management allows you to use both Pay-at-the-Pump or In-store gas consoles as well as mechanical or electronic pump heads. With just a few strokes authorize a pump, enter a prepay, or even tender a gas sale. DiamondScan Fuel Management is fully integrated with other DiamondScan modules such as DiamondScan POS, DiamondScan House Charges, and DiamondScan Credit and Gift Card interfaces. DiamondScan Fuel Management will also integrate with your Veeder-Root® tank monitoring system and with your electronic signage.

Here are some of the features in the DiamondScan Fuel Management software:

Security: Accept your patron's credit cards at the pumps and know that their personal information is fully secure and protected.

Instant Access to Your Reports: Access real-time data. Tracks fuel inventory and determines profit margins.

Receipts: Change Scrolling messages and customize receipts at the pump.

Gift Cards: Gift Cards can be issued, re-loaded and tendered right in the DiamondScan Gift Card Software. No processing fees have to be paid to your credit card company. Gift Cards can be used right at the pumps.


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