Inventory & Receiving


Powerful. Reliable. Easy to Use.

DiamondScan POS is a complete point of sale software suite.  The back office provides you with powerful tools to run your business while simultaneously being easy to use.

Inventory & Receiving

DiamondScan Inventory fully integrates with DiamondScan POS. Managing your inventory, seeing what's selling and when, keeping your shelves moving, accurate reports: all made easier with this software package.

Knowing what you have for inventory is critical to any successful business.

  • Effectively track what you have on the shelf, what has been sold, and how much money you made on it.
  • Maintain the proper inventory and pricing to suit your customers' buying habits.
  • Understand what you are selling and how much profit you are making.
  • Identify those higher margin items you may want to promote to your loyal customers.
  • Target waste and theft by tracking your inventory and increase your cash flow.
  • See what you really need to see by running easy to use, integrated reports.
  • Track sales by item or PLU number, department, sub-department 1 or 2, vendor, and price group.

Receiving your inventory through a wireless handheld gives you the control and the security of knowing that what you have on your shelf is what you ordered. DiamondScan Receiving helps you manage your receivables the profitable way.

  • Track your inventory by the use of the master/alternate method offering you the ability to know your live inventory at a moment's notice.
  • Receive and count inventory through a handheld device and verify prices on the shelf.
  • DiamondScan POS Inventory Control recommends inventory replenishment via a min/max method or through the use of sales history.
  • Track what you really need to see by running easy to use, integrated reports.

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