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Powerful. Reliable. Easy to Use.

DiamondScan POS is a complete point of sale software suite.  The back office provides you with powerful tools to run your business while simultaneously being easy to use.

Today's store owner or manager needs to know what is happening and they want to be able to access that information through a simple easy to use interface. DiamondScan Back Office enhances and makes more powerful the features that exist in the POS software. DiamondScan Back office allows you to manage pricing, access easy to understand reports, change users security settings, track employee timekeeping, do cash-ups, and so much more.

Here are some of the features in the DiamondScan Back Office software:

Price Book: The DiamondScan POS software pricing structure is versatile, efficient and simple to use. Last Item Cloning makes entering items into your inventory easier by bringing forward into your new record all the information you just entered, saving you time and your business money. At the same time it is a powerful tool that will help you to effectively manage your business. Price groups can be done through same item/same price, split pricing, future pricing, Mix & Match or Buy One, Get One. There are up to 5 pricing levels per item.

Security: Manage your employee's permissions, track you employees through Time Keeping, and manage theft and waste by keeping an eye on sales and voids. Managerial functions let you set up passwords and perform Clerk Transaction inquiries.

Discount Rules and Sale Events: The DiamondScan POS Back Office allows you to direct sale pricing to stop and start when you tell it to - and depend that it will happen whether you are in the store that day or not!

Reporting: Maintain the electronic journal do cash-up and reporting.


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